Session 4 Intermediate: July 22-26, 2019 Summer Camp

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Session 4 Intermediate: July 22-26, 2019 Summer Camp

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The intermediate group will work on advanced boathandling and theory to be proficient with full-sized Tech sails in all wind conditions, as well as learning how to race. Sail theory will cover the topics of: what makes a sailboat go; weather helm; rudderless sailing; backwards sailing and hull dynamics. There will be considerable work on skill-building drills designed to master some intermediate level skills (lots of mark roundings, starts and short course racing). The class will be great preparation for a high school sailing team.

Participants in the intermediate class should have mastered the following skills:

  • complete the swim test: 50 yds followed by 2 minutes of treading water (takes place on Monday am of camp)

  • able to rig, de-rig and care for equipment

  • accurate close hauled sailing in all wind conditions, including de-powering techniques

  • tacking through a consistent 90 degree tacking angle demonstrating proper hand-switches and footwork

  • sailing through a slalom course in 15 knots of wind as a skipper with control of gybes and tacks (skippering and crewing)

  • knowledge and application of right of way rules

  • skippering while hiking, using the tiller extension and demonstrating “hand over hand sheeting”

  • capsize recovery and a demonstrated level of confidence in winds over 12 knots

The class will use a mix of double-handed Tech dinghies, single-handed Tech dinghies, Fireflies and 420s.